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Living library - Close the chapter on child detention

Living library - Close the chapter on child detention (2015)

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Thousands of migrant children are affected by detention around the world. Many are left alone with adult detainees and guards and are vulnerable to physical, sexual and psychological abuse. They struggle to access legal assistance, adequate medical care and education. Despite the known psychological harm, including impaired cognitive development, the incarceration of children in immigration detention is a little-discussed human rights issue around the world.

On 20 April the Parliamentary Assembly launches the Parliamentary Campaign to End Immigration Detention of Children. The campaign aims to raise awareness of this issue and urges states which have not done so to adopt alternatives to detention that are in the best interests of the child and allow children to remain with their family members and/or guardians in non-custodial, community-based situations at the time when their immigration status has not yet been resolved.

Awareness-raising and alternative measures to detention are necessary to end the immigration detention of children. In this context, a Living Library will take place in the lobby of the Assembly for you to “read” some living books who can share their experiences about this subject with you. A Living Library works like any library, but instead of borrowing a book, you borrow a person.

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