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Nekem vannak jogaim, neked vannak jogaid, neki vannak jogai ...

Nekem vannak jogaim, neked vannak jogaid, neki vannak jogai ... (2013)

REF. HON2029
Type of document : Leaflet
Format : PDF
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Language : Hungarian
Number of pages : 6

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This three page illustrated leaflet 'I have rights' presents children's rights in child-friendly language creating three, easy to understand, clusters of rights. It outlines the relationship between the child and her/his state, along with the role of international organisations in protecting the rights of the child. Finally it explains the options available to children if their rights are not respected.

It is especially targeted at young people under 18 who want to know more about these rights, as well as the steps that governments must take in order to allow them to exercise these rights.


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